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For too long, research companies forget there’s an actual person, sitting in their home, giving their feedback and they don’t reward people like you for your time and effort. We want to change this. 


Will you become millionaires after joining? Not a chance! But will you be rewarded appropriately for your contribution? Absolutely!


The Go2Crowd is a new destination to be rewarded for your opinions.  Here, you are the voices we need to hear, the opinions that matter, the crowd we need when business decisions have to be made. You’re our Go 2 and we want you to feel rewarded, respected and recognized for your contributions.

The Go2Crowd is reviewed and redesigned upon your feedback and we will continue to build and improve. We’re aiming to grow our community from 20,000 members to 6 figures! So we will be inviting people from Australia, New Zealand, U.S, and the U.K to take part.

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Advantage of Kamala Harris's exit
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Paul Dixon

Community Founder

After spending 10 years in the UK and USA running research businesses at the start of the online evolution, Paul founded The Go2Crowd in 2018. Working with clients such as The International Herald Tribune, Microsoft, SAB Miller to name just a few, Paul has close to 20 years of experience across a multitude of methodologies and sectors.

Melissa Hernadi

Community Manager

Melissa is a commercially focused researcher, brand marketing, and strategic business leader. An entrepreneurial thinker with over 15 years in small and large fast-paced, rapidly evolving agencies, media and consulting businesses.

Akash Singh

Community Manager

Akash has strong analytical skills and brings 3 years of research experience to The Go2Crowd team working on clients like Reva Taylor, Pablo Alboran, Manuka Health and more. Taking care of community engagement is one of his expertise who makes sure that you only receive studies that are relevant to you.


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Advantage of Kamala Harris's exit

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